Samokov’s laces

An other typical   Bulgarian art, wide spread in Samokov area is a kind of needle lace, called “kene”

It is one of the most exquisite kinds of lace, created by the hands of Bulgarian women. It is made with an ordinary sewing needle and a thread on a piece of fabric or right in the air, and for that particular purpose it is called needle-lace. It is widespread in the Bulgarian ethnic territory and can be found under different names in each individual ethnographic region: “kene”, “zaraflatsi”, “kitka”, “kukla”, etc. It was the test for a skills of the girls or the wives.

The origin of the needle-lace is to be found in the remote past. This lace is used not only in the clothing and the everyday life of Bulgarian Christians, but in these of Turks, Greeks, Armenians and other ethnic and religious commonwealths as well. In Turkey it is called “igne oya” , but in the West it is well known as “Armenian lace”.  As I remember,  there is in Italy such kind of lace – Valsesia.

The kene is made with a single and a double knot. The single knot is used for connecting seams and for making serviettes and doilies. Wonderful figures are formed, picturing elements of Bulgarian flora and fauna – tulips, hyacinths,   carnations, chickens, little ducks, little rabbits.

We have had a rich picture collection of samples, which are made in our region. In the next slideshow you can see a part of this collection.

Архив от проекта “Нов живот за старите занаяти”

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