“Handmade” club

Our art club has been established as a result of a local project, called “Let’s renew the grandmother’s laces” and sponsored by the Ministry of culture. It was a very small project, but we did our best. The main aim was to revive an old Bulgarian craft – the needle lace, which is forgotten nowadays. There аre a lot of lace patterns, well conserved in the villages near Samokov town. The problem is, that there are not alive people, who do that kind of needle lace, and a very interesting part of our cultural life is lost.

The project purposes were:

1.     Finding old masters, who practice such crafts in our region – embroidery, knitting, crochet, needle lace.

2.     Learning the old techniques and transmit them in our modern home. Creating new items, based on the learned skills in the hand-made process

3.     Finding and photographing old samples of our local traditional costumes – they are richly embroidered, especially women’s dresses.

The members of the art club are 9 ladies.  We all have different jobs, but the great love to traditional embroidery and lace unite us. We have made a lot of pictures, several exhibitions,  taken a part in competitions, found a really interesting things in grandmother’s chests.

Now the project is finished, but we are still meeting and  discussing our problems and helping each other.

We will continue our work in this way. We hope to have a Multilanguage on-line story  as soon as possible. It will help us to find new customers in different countries, and we hope it will be a successful step to well paid extra job.

We will be glad taking part or being  partner in other  projects, perhaps international too.